Friday, March 13, 2015

Extra Credit Projects-due Friday, March 20--all projects will be graded on neatness, completeness and accuracy

If you are currently in Science:

1.  Complete a Science experiment.  You must follow all steps of the Scientific method and have a visual (three sided presentation boards work well for this)...ideas are easy to find if you google, "Easy Science experiments for kids"
2.  Create a 3D model of the Solar System.  Must be labeled and include a write up explaining your model.
3.  Create a terrarium or ecosystem using a small plastic container such as a plastic two liter bottle.
4.  Complete a biography or a famous scientist.  This should include a visual of some sort, like a poster.

If you are currently in Va Studies:

1.  Complete a model of a typical American Indian home from the time of Jamestown or a model of Jamestown fort.  This must include a write up explaining what you created.
2.  Create a 3D map of VA showing all the regions and the important products and industries there.
3.  Dress up as an Indian or colonist.  Write a journal entry about a day in your life.
4.  Write a biography of a famous Virginia from the Jamestown era.  Using an empty plastic bottle, decorate the bottle to look like the person. is a great place for projects ideas

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chapter 6-We meet Mrs. Avery the music teacher and Mrs. Kettle the strict, sixth grade teacher.  The class was going to gym.  Richard, Timothy and Noah were discussing who Matthew would sleep

Chapter 7-No new characters are introduced in this chapter.  In this chapter the class was giving guesses for the candy corn.  Richard was thinking about how Matthew was spoiling his sleepover.  He drew a picture of Matthew and put an "X" on it.

Chapter 8- We meet Mrs. Paris, a teacher and Jill Simmons a student.  The class is making applesauce, but Richard forgot his apple.  Matthew offered to share his.  But Richard is getting madder and madder about the sleepover and was mean to everyone.  At the end of this chapter, Matthew doesn't eat any applesauce because his feelings have been hurt by Richard. Richard doesn't eat any because he is beginning to feel guilty about how he has treated Matthew.

Chapter 9-We meet another student, Joanne who is Holly's friend.  The school has a fire drill and Richard tried to apologize to Matthew.  He finds out that Matthew can't come to the sleepover because he is going on vacation to Plymouth.

Chapter 10-We meet Arthur a 5th grade student and Mr. Mancina.  Richard sneaks back to class during an assembly to change the number on the candy corn jar but gets caught by Matthew.  they both go back to the auditorium.  The play is about Plymouth and Richard figures out Plymouth is in Massachusetts, not Florida like Matthew had said.  Richard realizes Matthew is not coming to his sleepover because he figured out Richard didn't really want him.

Chapter 11-  The day has come for the contest to end.  Matthew brings Richard three candy corns to sneak back into the jar so he won't get into trouble.  Instead, Richard tells Mrs. Rooney the truth.  Emily Arrow won the contest and shared the candy with the class.  Matthew decides to come to the party and is going to set his alarm so he will get up to go to the bathroom,.  He also tells Richard he is taking more baths.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Chapter 5-  It is the next and day and the class is doing Math Buddies. They are practicing time.  Richard's partner is Wayne and they finally get to talk.  Wayne is worried about who will sleep beside Matthew. Richard is worried about Ms. Rooney finding out he took some candy corn.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Chapter 4--We meet Jim the custodian and Holly who is Richard's sister.  He still did not get to talk to Wayne.  In this chapter he stays after to wait on Holly and he goes into Ms. Rooney's room.  He tried to count the candy corn through the jar, then he takes some pieces out and lines them up like a fence and then EATS three!  The chapter ends with Richard leaving school with Holly.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Chapter 3- We meet another student Alex Walker.  Our setting is still in the classroom.  Ms. Rooney is explaining the first Thanksgiving to the class and Richard isn't listening. He is thinking about his party.  He is worried that Wayne can't come because Wayne told him they needed to talk.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chapter 2
We meet students Wayne O'Brien, Derrick Grace, and Jason Bazyk.  This chapter is about Richard's impatience to tell the class about his sleepover the day after Thanksgiving.  He feels sad when a few boys say they cannot come.  The students continue working towards making guesses for their teacher's Candy Corn Contest.  For each page they read they are allowed one guess. 

After we finished the first two chapters, we worked on short vowel words and contractions.  Please check your student's reading folder for these two sheets to review.